GamingU is an innovative app for gamers geared to educate about new video games and make them easier to purchase. Dekopon Solutions had to create a website for the app which included:

  • Responsive Website
  • Eye-Catching Header
  • Email Opt-in (Newsletter)
  • App Download Links
  • Latest YouTube Video
  • Blog (With Latest Post on first page)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Clear Calls-To-Action

Dekopon was also tasked with creating a store which is:

  • Fully native to GamingU’s website
  • Pulls products from Amazon
  • Custom Ecommerce Setup
  • Training for importing new products

“This company’s service unbelievable… Did everything I asked. Very easy to communicate and can provide you anything you want for your site… I will be using him more and more.”

AJ | Founder, GamingU App