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A dekopon is a luxurious citrus much sweeter than any orange. It is a blend of a Kiyomi and a Ponkan. Like a dekopon is blended, so are the products created here. Web design and Internet marketing are the core of what is offered. What you receive is a beautiful website fully optimized for search engines, or SEO (search engine optimization) if you will, and the power to launch a successful marketing campaign.

Companies manage their websites too much or ignore it all together. A website is an investment to wow potential customers when they visit a website and convert them to clients. Therefore a good web designer does not cost you money, he or she makes you money. The same goes for Internet marketing. At Dekopon Solutions we offer secondary services to compliment our primary services to ensure the success of your company.

A perfect combination of web design and Internet marketing will provide your business the tools it needs to develop your brand, reach more customers, and increase conversions. Your brand is the heart of what we create, and we will help you attain brand loyalty from your customers. A website is the face of your business, and should reflect the unique beliefs your business stands for. You will reach your goals through Dekopon Solutions. Check out our web design portfolio, here!

Services Offered


If you decide to host through us you can assure that your website is secure and protected. If by any slim chance there was an attack on your website we will have our team on it within a minute and get it restored. We perform daily backups of your website and have phenomenal uptime rates.

Web Design

Websites should be attractive to customers and suit your business’s industry. We succeed by communicating effectively with our clients and providing updates every step of the design and development process. Only when you are truly happy with the finished product will we help you get it live.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is essential to the success of growing your business. Customers are now more than ever searching for where they want to go rather then knowing before hand. We make sure your business is found through search engines like Google and provide you with results every step of the way.

Fully Managed

Many businesses want to grow with the Internet, but they lack the knowledge to do so. This plan is dedicated to businesses willing to invest in their own growth. Our fully managed web solutions provide ways to build a website, provide updates, and training with NO UPFRONT COST!

Mobile Design

Fully Responsive Websites

The websites we design are geared to look good on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. This is responsive design!

Simplified Menu

The navigation is available with a tap of your finger.

Image Use

Images make mobile sites easier to navigate!

Ease Of Use

Overall the experience is satisfying and will keep users on your website.

Clear Title

The title is front and center so users know your brand.

Less Columns

By lowering the amount of columns, the website is easier for users to view and use.

Big Targets

The website’s targets are easy to hit with your finger of choice!

Optimized For Search Engines

Having a website is one thing, having a functional website is another, and having one that’s beautiful and can be found by search engines is the whole package. Dekopon Solutions Web Design provides you with websites ready to be found by search engines and climb in rank.

We work with you to ensure:

  • Every page can be easily navigated to
  • There are no blank pages
  • There are no duplicate pages

Of course these are only some of the basics, but this mixed with custom page titles and descriptions help your business get targeted by the customers you’re looking for! If you need help with a full marketing plan we can certainly help give you tips and provide you with some great agencies once your web design is complete.

Project For Life was created because of Dekopon Solution’s care of the community. There are millions of people fighting, struggling, and dying of awful diseases. It is my pledge to help impact nonprofits and give back to the community. This is not about death, it is about life, and the only way we can keep life is to support those fighting.

Dekopon Solutions accepts extra money from clients to go towards Project For Life. Once a year, Dekopon Solutions provides a free website for a nonprofit. One-hundred percent of the extra money gets donated in full to the nonprofit selected for the current year’s Project For Life company.

The Women’s 5K Classic lives by the motto, “Some races are for kicks, some are for glory, this race is for life.” This nonprofit donates for the research of all women cancers. They are located in Pennsylvania, more specifically the Lehigh Valley. The Women’s 5K Classic offers competitive racing, whether it be running or walking, and a noncompetitive walk.

This is a beautiful organization with a strong brand message. They even host a “Parade of Champions” showcasing survivors of breast, cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar cancers. Since 1993 the Women’s 5K Classic has donated over 2.75 million dollars to the research of these cancers. Make the trip to support a great charity event by racing if you’re a female! If you’re a male or female who can’t race feel free to donate directly to the W5K or get in contact with me, and I will submit it with a joint client donation from Dekopon Solutions.

Please check out our full workup on the Women’s 5K Classic on our Project For Life page!